A stubborn heart.

A hard heart.

An unyielding heart.

I read about Pharoah

and his stone-cold heart.

And I’m incredulous.

Good grief!

How could he continue

holding the Israelites captive


after plague

after plague

after plague…

God spoke!

Pharaoh feigned surrender.

He wouldn’t let go.

The consequences

the consequences

the consequences…

Destruction, pain, death.

A stubborn heart.

A hard heart.

An unyielding heart.

I can relate.

I have hardened my heart at times.

God goes to great lengths to soften it.

He works on making my heart pliable

as He unclenches my tight fists.

They go together – tight hearts and tight fists.

As I open those hands,

as I surrender all to Him,

as I trust that He knows

He knows

He knows,

my heart softens.

A stubborn heart.

A hard heart.

An unyielding heart.

It forfeits blessings.

It affects others.

It alienates.

It distances.

It creates chasms

between you and people

between you and God

between you and who you could be.

Lord, continue to make my heart pliable.

Let it bend and curve to Your beckoning.

I want

open hands of surrender


an open heart of trust.

– Susie Stewart

4 thoughts on “Heart

  1. God my Father, Jesus His Son please help me to surrender my deep worries to You and give You all my trust.
    Susie, you give me the courage to stay close to God and continue my journey with Him at my side.

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