This morning I read the words aloud.

For God to hear.

For the angels to hear.

For the dark ones to hear.

“In the beginning God created  the heavens and the earth…”

What a sentence!  It is amazingly understated, but as I read it aloud, the profundity of it quickened my spirit.  Deep called to deep.

“…and God saw that it was good.”

My eyes, my heart, my spirit, everything that bears His image in me, knows that


All of His glorious creation.  It is good.

We gaze at a brilliant sunset, and our spirits say “It is good”.

We see a precious baby born, and our spirits say “It is good”.

We feel love for a person so deeply that it seems we might burst from the depth of it, and our spirits say “It is good”.

We stand on the edge of a great and awesome cliff overlooking a scene we can hardly comprehend, and our spirits say “It is good”.

We take time to focus on Creator God, we are filled up, and our Spirits say “It is good”.

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him…”

What a treasure we have in these jars of clay bodies that we can live and breathe and experience “good”,

the understated awesome.

Lord, I will speak Your Name forever.  Out loud.

– Susie Stewart