God in a Box

You have Him wrapped up tight, don’t you?


In a box

of your own design

of your own size

of your own weight, height, depth.


He fits, doesn’t He?

Fits in your constraining box.


Of course He must fit, right?

He must fit, because you get to choose….


When to bring Him out,

when to acknowledge Him,

when to worship Him,

when to listen to Him,

when to take advantage of His power.


As if He were a genie

at your beckon call.


It is surreal to try and imagine

GOD in a box.


If there ever was anyone who didn’t fit

in a box

it is Him.


But we try to do it, don’t we?


We try to just bring Him out of that box

on Sunday

when we are afraid

when life is caving in

when we walk through the valley of the shadow…


What would we do with a God

who could fit in a box?


We would manipulate Him

to do what we want

We would keep Him in there

when we didn’t want Him to see

our sin

our choices

our mediocrity.


We would not respect Him.

Because He would be a God

who could be placed in a box.

Relegated to a list.

Put on a shelf.


But don’t be fooled.

If anyone is in a box, it is the one who tries to put God there.


He is trapped and confined

by his schedule

his sin

his choices

his lack of vision….



who is in all

over all






For the one who is wise

God will not be able to be contained

in your mind

or on your list

or in your box.


He is so big and so all-encompassing

and so lovingly piercing

that you will know Him

in every part

in every corner

of your life.


And you will worship Him

during any moment

in every circumstance

with love in your heart

for God


Who cannot fit in a box.


He wants your everything.

Are you willing to give it to Him?

Or do you still think He fits neatly and you get to choose?

– Susie Stewart


…one God and Father of all,

who is over all, in all, and living through all.

– Ephesians 4:6 (NLT)