The Truth


The tension.

It’s everywhere.

The battle is seen, and yet so unseen.


And my heart longs to really see each one.


And each one wants to be seen.


The aggressor, the victim, the marginalized, the misunderstood, the confused, the angry, the hurt,

the human.


And I seek HIM.


I seek the One who sees all the earth,

and all the people,

and how we are falling apart

and ripping apart at the seams.


How we are lashing out at one another,

and hurting one another,

and self-destructing,


and blaming Him.


And He knows each heart.

Because He is love.


And when He walked this earth,


He looked out at the masses

and He had compassion, and His heart broke.

We were harassed and helpless,

like sheep without a Shepherd.


There was a battle

and He knew it.


And the battle was not with flesh and blood – with people against people –

but the real battle was spiritual.


Spiritual forces,

angelic and demonic,

Deity and satanic,

locked in combat.

Good versus evil.


And there was,

and there IS,

a battle for the human mind and heart.













Truth came in human form,

and He saw through it all.


And He had compassion,

and He condemned those that claimed to have the corner market on truth

without truth.


And He stood up to temptation


with His sights on the goal


and He reached the goal


and He was silenced……………..


And humanity went on with their day

and their next

and their next

not knowing that a precious,

and holy,

and sacred


had been made for each of them.


Out of love.

For He is Love.


And when my Jesus,

my Jesus,

walked out of that tomb,

He had heaven’s glow.

For the weight of the world,

the weight of sin,

the sting of death,

and condemnation for wrong-doing,

had been conquered with that act.


And He had made it so simple!

Follow Him, trust Him, believe that


is the only One to save.


And He invited everyone to the table.




And He invited everyone to drink deep of His love and wisdom.

And He invited everyone to freedom from the harassment of evil.

And He invited everyone to walk in truth.




He validated the O.T. writings.

He fulfilled the law.

God with us.

Holiness was finally satisfied with this one act,




And before Jesus

ascended heavenward before their eyes,

He charged His followers with unwavering commitment.

He warned His followers that they would be treated badly,

because although He conquered death,

the battle raged on seen and unseen.


Because now it was a race against time

before the end,


and the glorious beginning.


Evil knew this.


And a small contingent of humans

started the word

about the Word,

Indwelled by Spirit,

holy and wise.


And people,


of the people that were born into this world,

were loved by He who formed them

and who is Love.


And the weight of sin on this world,

and the attacks unseen,

and the choices made

that don’t follow He who is Truth,

cause the mind to battle

and cause the enemy to double-up forces

and cause brother to be against brother


and looking up

is what we need.


And we stare at our feet,

stuck and mired in mud.


And we embrace life in the mess.


And we go with the crowd.


And we delight in our rebellion.


And we are unaware….


That we are meant to be kept in the dark

by those who are darkness.

And that light and Light are pursuing

and offering a way out

to freedom.


And this man, Jesus, who mingled among us,

walked humbly and boldly,

a beautiful combination.


Sinners were the ones He moved in and through life with.

But He always offered His righteous hand,

to pull them out of being stuck.


Some would grab hold,

some would refuse.


And that is still the case.


You know the truth.

Know the Truth.

Be set free.

– Susie Stewart


“…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free….if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”

– John 8:32, 36 (NLT)

What IF?

What IF

we really decided

this day

to love the Lord our God

with all our heart

with all our soul

with all our mind

with all our strength?

What would that look like?

And are we brave enough to peer into that potential world?

Would we….

Shout His name when we felt like it?

Take better care of the vessel in which His Spirit dwells?

Actually put Him first like we say we do?

Admire and take notice of all that He has lovingly created more often?

Go where He asks us to?  No matter what?

Look at each person as someone He loves?

Praise and thank Him when our hearts are broken and our faces are stained with tears?

Actually not complain about our circumstances?

Love His body, the church, more?

Take walks just to be alone and talk with Him?

Bow to thank him for a meal in public?

Bring glory to His Name by the way we live, speak, and what we put into our minds?

Run to Him in true repentance when we have wronged Him?

Not feel like we need to lower our voices when speaking about Him around people?

Turn to Him first, instead of a person?

Go to sleep thinking about and talking to Him?

Wake up thinking about and talking to Him?

Write Him a letter of love?

Love people with effort because that is what He called us to do?

Be intentional about time with Him?

Honor Him with our marriage and family?

Fall to our knees before Him more?

Not allow things into our minds that are against Him?

Listen for His truth?

Read His love letter to us often and hold it close to our heart?

Not go with the crowd, but go with Him, even if no one else is following?

Tell people about how much He means to us?

Tell people about the difference He has made in our lives?

Tell people about how He allowed His spotless self to be crucified for all of us?

Tell people that even the grave couldn’t keep Him down?

Just open up our sealed lips and tell people??

Because HE

is worth loving

and respecting

and honoring

and praising

and worshiping

with all our Heart

with all our Mind

with all our Soul

with all our Strength.

– Susie Stewart

* These are just a few drops in a vast ocean of ways to love God with everything we are.  I’m going to continue to ask God for ways that I can do this better.  Want to join me in that?  There is no more fulfilling relationship you can have than the one with your Creator.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.

– Luke 10:27 (NIV)

Photo taken by Susie Stewart