Things have changed for you.

For the good or the bad.


From your perspective things are looking up!

Or down…..


But yesterday, or last week, or last year

things were different….


The sand dunes of life are ever shifting

ever changing

ever not the same as they were.


And you’d like to hold on to certain parts

and you’d like to forget certain parts

and you get tired of the ups

and the downs.


You long for same

Or better

Or steady.


But one thing’s for certain.

In this life there is always change.

There is always better and worse.

And the only certainty we have

is in God and His Word.


So in the shifting sands of day in and day out,

take heart.

Things will always change

and shift

and be up

and down…


if you keep your eyes and your heart

on the One and only One

who does not change

and you focus on His promises,

you will walk these shifting sands

with perspective

and light

and steadiness

and courage.

With a grateful heart.

– Susie Stewart


“I am the LORD, and I do not change.”    Malachi 3:6 (NLT)