He is the Word

He is the Life

He is the door

Why want for more?

He speaks truth

He is the Truth

He is the Way

He is Light

He is glory

He is might

Why stay in night?

He is Lion

He is Lamb

He is Shepherd

He is Creator

He is creative

He is passion

He is Bread

He is Water

He is Shelter

He encourages

He lifts

He washes clean

He is faithful Bridegroom

He is Mediator

He is Unifier

He is Advocate

He is Healer

He is Mercy in the morning

He is Vine

He is Master

He is Grace

He takes the yoke

He breaks the wall

He conquers fear

Why wait at all?

To know this One

To follow this One

To grasp for dear life to this ONE,

dear one.

Maybe because….

You fear

You rebel

You don’t trust

Because He looks weak

in those painted images

In your mind

In the media

He was a strong carpenter

He spoke with strength

He spoke with passion

He spoke the very words of God

He is God

He is strength

He conquered death

And will conquer that fear

of yours

that He is weak

and can’t handle what you’ve waded through

And will conquer your pride

that sets itself up

against the Maker of the Universe

And will conquer that wall

that is set just so

to keep abuse out

And will conquer that gap between you

as you run away from Him

in an attempt to live the way you want

He will catch up to you

He will find you

He will love you

He will change you

And there will be freedom for the captive

because of Jesus.

– Susie Stewart


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