Susie Stewart

My husband has a cheerful heart.  

People are drawn to his infectious, loud laugh,

he whistles the Looney Tunes melody in the shower,

he dances with abandon in Uganda,

he sings and hums while he’s cooking,

he makes up nicknames for people,

he loves on the people he loves without holding back.  

He’s not a pouter.  

He’s a joy to be around most of the time (Nobody is a joy to be around all of the time).  

And when I think about what God’s Word has to say about cheerfulness — that it’s good medicine — I know it’s true,  

because I live with a cheerful man who soothes my heart with his kind eyes and whimsical ways.  

May we all be more cheerful and not self-centeredly sullen.

May the light of God’s Spirit show through in our eyes.

– Susie Stewart

Andy with chameleonBright eyes…

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