Glory Through The Darkness

So here we are again

five years after the first time,


cancer has made its ugly appearance

in my body yet again


And people wonder how I’m doing…


The news felt like a rude sucker punch

mixed with a river of sorrow


and yet

I had a feeling that was the diagnosis I would hear


Once again my husband and I held one another

and cried

and have stayed close to one another since the news came


Our children were told

and they were stunned,


and older and braver than last time


My parents

supported with such love

and tenderness

and words deep


My brother and his wife

came right over

with food love

and flowers sweet

and listening ears


Phone calls were made

and friends were told

and they offered up unbelievable support and love



And people wonder

how am I feeling?


I feel


and  I feel thankful

and I feel strong

in my sorrow


And I am keenly aware

once again

that all the people care,


but my deepest need

is for my Jesus


In all of this

I can’t get my mind off of the One

who is my Rock

my Comfort

my Everything


And it’s me

and it’s Him

eyes locked on one another


My good

and His glory



His intent


And I walk forward

taking one day at a time

just like we all do



with a sharper focus

on every




I pray with all my might

that healing would be mine


and I know He’s heard every word


And the sentiments I penned

one day before diagnosis

are true in the valley of the shadow ~


“My relationship

with the Lord of the Universe

is new


and vibrant”


Cancer is ugly

God is my freedom


His unchanging character

did not flinch


when I was diagnosed with cancer

once again


and I can’t imagine

walking this road

without Him


My life is still

for HIM,

not for me


Not what He does

for me


This is such a broken world, friends


And you hear and experience bad news





The signs are pointing

to the earth groaning

in preparation

for Jesus’ return


Be ready


And don’t get hung up

on whether God is good or not

when bad things happen


tossed and turned in your faith

by bad news


God warned us

of trials

and tribulations

and pain


and attacks from our circling

and preying

and vicious enemy


Stay with God

and do not be swayed by your feelings

about why He lets certain things happen


What kind of God would He be

if He claimed to be Love

and claimed to be good

and claimed to be just

and claimed to be ALL the things He claimed to be


and then forfeited it all

by allowing trials in a Christ-Follower’s life?


It’s not possible


He is perfect

and His ways are right


And what a patient and amazing God

to reach into our broken world


and provide salvation from it?


I choose to rest in Him

in this cancer journey


And believe what you will,

but I have been singing His praises with joy

since I got up this morning


– Susie Stewart


We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.  Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies.

– Romans 8:22, 23 (NIV)


Jesus Christ is [eternally changeless, always] the same yesterday and today and forever.

– Hebrews 13:8 (AMP)


But as for me, I will sing about Your power.
    Each morning I will sing with joy about Your unfailing love.
For You have been my refuge,
    a place of safety when I am in distress.

– Psalm 59:16 (NLT)


Photo by Susie Stewart







22 thoughts on “Glory Through The Darkness

  1. Praying for you and for God to work His miracles in you and through you during this time of trial. We love you and we trust in His deep love for you as our source of strength and hope.

  2. Susie, you have chosen the best portion–Jesus. He is our life sustainer, healer, deliverer, bright morning star, refuge, help and comfort. He is the Prince of Shalom (wholeness and completeness with nothing broken or missing). His love for you cancels all fear. Blessings of abundant life and health through Christ!

    • Your words speak of a deep and abiding relationship with Christ. Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom! I am healing well from surgery and it appears that all cancer has been removed. Praise God! His love truly does cancel all fear. Blessings, friend.

      • Praise God for successful surgery. May you feel the love of God surrounding you as you heal. By the stripes of Jesus we have been healed. He sticks close to us. You are precious in his sight. Love and prayers!

  3. Dear Susie,

    I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Please know that I am praying for you and your family. I wish I had words to make it all go away for you. Since I can’t, I will turn my words toward our Savior in prayer.

    Thank you for yours posts. Sometimes I wonder if you are peeking into my heart. So often your words are just what I need to hear.

    Thank you, dear one, Love and prayers

    Mary DuCharme

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you, Mary, for your love and prayers ❤ We are so thankful for the outcome in all of this. Healing well each day. I pray that God continues to peek into your heart with my blogs. 🙂 Love you, friend.

  4. Susie:
    I am so saddened about your news. Please know that I am holding you in my prayers. God is the great healer and I am praying for complete healing for you. I am praying for your family as I know they are devastated by this news also. Your mom and I were great friends in high school and she has shown us all such great faith. Cancer is so tough but as you know our Lord can carry us through and never leaves our side. Why you have to go through this again we may never know but know we love your sharing God’s word with us and it means a lot to me. Prayers, Chelsea

    • Chelsea, thank you so much for your kind message. It’s great that you and mom have kept in contact all this time! Thankfully it appears that all cancer was removed with surgery and I’m healing a little more each day. May you continue to be blessed with God’s Word through this blog. He is everything. ❤

  5. Susie,
    Thank you for writing this, for sharing your heart, your raw emotion, and your unshaken faith. This is one of the best perspectives on where God is in dark times I’ve ever read. We are holding you and your wonderful family up to our Father! How loving and gracious of him to break through heaven and earth to join us in our greatest pain.

    Love you all,
    Becky, Jason, and Claire

  6. Becky, Jason and Claire, thank you! ❤ God has graciously removed all the cancer through surgery and I am getting better each day. Your prayers have meant so much to us! May God continue to give us all perspective on His plans for us. Love you guys so much ❤

  7. What profound words Susie —- and you, singing praises in the midst of it all —- you are a bright shining light for Jesus! Sending all my love and prayers dear sister in Christ!

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