As a new believer I often said my purpose was to know Him and make Him known.  Too often my emphasis was on making Him known rather than on knowing Him….  My desire to serve God was good, but my priorities were out of order.  God’s Word clearly says that the first and most important thing is this:  to love God with all our being (Matthew 22:37-38).  This is the first and greatest commandment.  The second commandment is loving others, which includes ministry or works of service (Matthew 22:39).  I had reversed these two.

It’s so important to be able to say, I am not primarily a worker for God;  I am first and foremost a lover of God.  This is who I am.

…When our priorities become turned around, and we place more emphasis on loving others than on loving God, we are headed for spiritual and physical exhaustion.

– Linda Dillow


All of us need to be lovers who work rather than workers who love.

– Bob Sorge



You first, God


All others –








And not just in theory

but in Truth


I love You, Lord!

I delight in You

worship You

adore You


and I find my grounding here

find my purpose here


Loving You


And finding more reasons to love You

increases my delight in You

increases my awe of You

makes me want to love You more


For You loved me first

and drew me to Yourself


– Susie Stewart



O True God, You are my God, the One whom I trust.
I seek You with every fiber of my being.
In this dry and weary land with no water in sight,
my soul is dry and longs for You.
My body aches for You, for Your presence.

– Psalm 63:1 (VOICE)


I have loved you with an everlasting love—
out of faithfulness I have drawn you close.

– Jeremiah 31:3 (VOICE)


One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.

– Psalm 27:4 (NIV)


Come, let us worship Him. Everyone bow down;
kneel before the Eternal who made us.

-Psalm 95:6 (VOICE)


Photo by Susie Stewart


2 thoughts on “First

  1. Thank you, Susie, for this important reminder. I needed it today. AND I have forwarded to my Bible study ladies.

    Your writing really touches my heart. May God continue to bless your words!

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