Did you miss it?

Did you miss seeing, hearing, tasting JOY?

It awakened your morning with the melodies of winged soloists, welcoming the day.

It warmed and soothed, darkness overcome with sun’s light.

It smiled with the shapes of clouds, billowy and Heaven-enticing.

It burst with the colors of the flowers of Spring, winking at your soul.

It sang melodically as water tumbled and refreshed and shimmered.

It soared above your head as a bird playfully danced with the wind.

Its delightful fear came over you when you heard the low rumble of thunder.

It rang out with the aspen leaves fluttering like musical bells.

It had the scent of earth, and green and flora.

And on and on…..


Creation’s joy.  Our Creator’s joy.  Our joy.

Did you miss it today?

Did you miss JOY?

– Susie Stewart


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