As I was running this morning…..  Never thought I’d hear myself say that in this lifetime.  I decided to take up running a few months after chemo ended.  My family didn’t believe I would actually do it.  But I am.  The beautiful, serene, early mornings have been soothing to the soul, not so much the lungs.  But I’m thankful to be able to get out there!

So, as I was running this morning I was thanking God for some of His limitless attributes.  “I’m thankful (huff, huff) for your faithfulness.  I’m thankful for your love.  I’m thankful for your goodness.  I’m thankful for your gentleness and kindness…”  Pause.  Deep sigh.  It seems that whenever I contemplate God’s gentleness and kindness, I sigh.  Truly, how wonderful is our God that loves us with a gentle and kind Spirit?  You can’t get any more well-rounded in character than God, so these attributes mesh with His justice and even His holy wrath.  Thankfully, God Almighty’s love extended to us through His Son Jesus.  God the Son, perfect and righteous, satisfies the holiness of God.  And guess what He told us when He was here on earth?  “…I am gentle and humble in heart…”  Sigh.

Jesus relieves the stress between God and humans.  Jesus brings relief to our spirits.  Soak in that relief if you are a follower of Him.

Sigh because your Savior is gentle and kind.

I love you, Jesus.  Thank you.

– Susie Stewart

(Matthew 11:28-30)


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